Ever since I learned how to make natural peanut butter at home it has been one of the main staples in my diet. not only is peanut butter a great source of unsaturated fats and vegetarian protein, it is also an important source of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant known to have cancer fighting properties.all in one beautiful creamy, dreamy, buttery spread.  friends – i think i’m in love.

this recipe is so easy to throw together. it requires less than 30 minutes and consists of only four basic ingredients.

here’s what you need:
small food processor
1 ½ c. peanuts
virgin coconut oil
raw, unfiltered honey
cracked sea salt
16 oz jar (i just reused an old salsa jar)

here’s what to do:
process peanuts on high for about 1 minute. once they are broken down into smaller bits, add raw honey for sweetness, coconut oil for creaminess, and a pinch of sea salt until desired flavor and consistency. process peanuts for 2-3 minutes or until smooth. you may have to stop a few times to scrape the sides–c’est tout. its that simple !

natural creamy peanut butter | brittric.com

natural creamy peanut butter | brittric.com

beyond being easy to make, this natural peanut butter is incredibly versatile. i lather it on pita bread, serve it alongside carrots, apples or bananas, and sometimes even treat our little pup, “reagan” to a lick of the spoon when i’m done.

a jar of this stuff usually lasts a little over a week in our family =) enjoy.


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