Due to the oily nature of my Italian skin, I have never been an avid moisturizer or lotion user. However in the dead of winter, with the brutally cold temperatures we have been plagued with here in Wisconsin this season, my skin has become exceptionally brittle and dry. So, rather than turning to my stash of drug store “aloe vera” lotion, which I found to contain a dirty laundry list of unnecessary additives and chemicals, I decided to take measures into my own hands (literally).

I discovered the idea for this DIY body scrub when I first started Pinterest, and have been dying to try it ever since. I only wish I had gotten around to it sooner! It has quickly become my favorite go-to moisturizer, leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all day long. The recipe is super simple, and requires very few ingredients – many of which can be found either at home or your local health foods store. Then, its just a matter of deciding whether you want a salt or sugar scrub and what type of essential oil and scent you prefer.

I went with a sea salt & coconut oil scrub — perhaps reminiscent of the oceanside tropical beach I have been longing for this dreadfully cold winter season . . .

DIY Coconut Sea Salt Scrub Recipe Ingredients

Here’s everything you need >> Course sea salt, organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba essential oil, coconut scented oil (optional) and a glass jar with lid   *I recycled an old hummus jar

If you can get your hands on some organic jojoba essential oil, I would highly recommended adding some to your scrub. Albeit a tad pricey (mine costed $10), jojoba oil is said to be an incredible moisturizing treatment for your skin, offering natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

DIY Coconut Sea Salt Scrub - Jojoba Essential Oil

*I was able to have my local main street co-op order me a bottle at wholesale price.

To make the scrub, simply mix your course sea salt with your oils at a 2:1 ratio. For example, I combined one heaping cup of salt with 1/2 cup of melted coconut oil and 1 tbsp of jojoba oil. Then I added 3-4 drops of coconut scented oil for a little extra beachy goodness, and stirred it all up!

Coconut Sea Salt Scrub

Pretty simple, right? It also makes a quick and affordable gift. Store bought scrubs can cost ten to twenty dollars or more. This DIY alternative comes out to about two or three bucks (depending on the ingredients you choose).

Mix it up in a recycled jar, tie a string around it, attach a label and you have a fancy, luxurious gift !

Sea Salt Scrub Gift

For more ways to incorporate coconut oil and sea salt into your personal care regimen, check out my blog post >> Sea Salt & Coconuts <<

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